Navy Boot Camp: Week 4

This is probably the second-most eventful week in Navy boot camp. The second day of this week is spent at a firing range. Don’t expect to shoot real bullets yet though. At first you will go through training on how to handle a gun and the different components of it. You will then fire electronic weapons using a laser to screen targeting system. This introduction course is known as Small Arms Marksmanship Training (SAMT).

You will also hear something during the SAMT training called “Breaking Blue.” This instance is when you are doing something with the gun that you aren’t supposed to be doing, ie. pointing the gun at something other than the target. However, unless you actually point the gun at the instructors face, you are going to be fine. 

The next day after SAMT is the real stuff. This is called Live Fire and you will shoot a 9-mm pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun. With distances ranging from 3-15 yards and hand positions to keep it switched up, you have at maximum 4 rounds (which is a lot) to earn your ribbon. There are three possible ribbons you can earn which are the Marksman, Sharpshooter, or Expert ribbons. You may only earn a medal in pistol shooting if you achieve an Expert rating. Note: You may not actually go through Live Fire for safety reasons.

The next major event of this week is the Drill Inspection. With more than 2 weeks of practice for this event, the inspection should go pretty smoothly. You march down to the Pacific Fleet Drill Hall, which is pretty far from any of the ships, and then you execute all of the commands from the videotape inside the drill hall. You are inspected even on the way marching there, but the division is not inspected on the way back. If your division’s score is high enough you’ll receive the Drill Flag.

There will also be another Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) this week. This is the second and should prepare you for the final one. Plus if almost all of the recruits in your division pass it then your division will receive another flag.

The last event of Week Four is the second academic test which is over Marlinespike terms, U.S. Naval History, gun components, and a few other things. All of these events sums up what is probably the most stressful week in Navy boot camp.

Other things that happen this week are:

  • Zone Inspection (inspection of the compartment)
  • Thrift Savings Plan class (retirement plan)

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