Navy Boot Camp: Week 3

This whole week is spent practicing for the Weapons Turnover Inspection and one event called Marlinespike that is later on in the week. You also prepare for the drill inspection (marching inspection) in Week 4. 

The Weapons Turnover Inspection consists of inserting a round into the magazine, picking up the 9-mm pistol (it can’t fire) and putting the magazine into the gun. Next you point out the different parts of the gun such as the trigger, chamber, hammer, barrel, and safety. Then you clear the round from the gun and take the magazine out. Finally, you pass the round to the person behind you and allow them to come up and grab the gun and then you’re done.

After the Weapons Inspection the next task is practicing for the first drill inspection. They will play a tape and you will have to execute all of the commands swiftly and efficiently. This tape is basically what is done during graduation, so it is very important to learn it sooner than later.

The final task of the week is Marlinespike. It takes place on a fake life-size ship built for training purposes. This is basically preparation for getting a ship underway and mooring it to the pier. In civilian terms it is untying the lines from the ship so it can go out to sea and tying it back up to the pier when it comes back. There is even a short exercise of a man overboard drill in which someone falls in the “water.”

Other things that happen this week are:

  • Haircuts again (Males)
  • Seamanship Basic Skills Class (How to tie knots with rope)
  • Physical Training (PT)

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