Navy Boot Camp: Week 1

You will now be in your permanent ship with your RDCs and start unpacking. The first day there will be introductions, a lot of explanations about different things, and probably a lot of yelling too. But don’t worry because your RDCs can’t give you ITE yet. ITE stands for intensive training exercises and consists of: push-ups, flutter kicks, squats, jumping jacks, and 10 counts (basically burpees). They have these 5 exercises and more on something called the “orange card” and will pull it out every time you have to disciplined. Your entire division will start doing these the second day after you get to the ship when you or someone else screws up.

The entire week 1 is practice for the second week’s test and inspections. You will have drills every day such as making your rack (bed) and folding your clothes in a certain amount of time. If you screw up, you will be given ITE. However, once you get good at these drills, the actual inspections will be easy.

You will also start studying your training guide for the test next week. The first test is on uniforms and grooming, rate and rank recognition, Navy ships and aircraft, and first aid. There will be an Educational Petty Officer (EPO) selected for the division, in charge of making everyone pass and helping others study a little harder.

The swim test is this week also. First you will watch a video about a U.S. Navy ship called the USS Cole and learn about what happened to it and why sailors are required to know how to swim. Then you will watch a video about the different swim strokes you can use during the test. Finally, you’ll get changed into your swimwear and get ready for the test. The swim qualification test requires you to perform the following:

  • Jump off a 12-foot tower and swim to the other side of the pool.
  • Perform a 5 minute prone float (float on your stomach with your face in the water and come up for air every 5 seconds or so).
  • Put on coveralls (basically a jumpsuit) and inflate them once you get into the water by splashing water inside them which creates an air pocket and then floating for about 5 seconds without moving.
  • Jump off a 12-foot tower with a life jacket and take turns getting into an inflatable life raft.

If you can’t swim or do not pass all portions of the swim test, you will be taught how to swim multiple times a week by swim instructors until you pass. Failure to pass before Week 7 of boot camp will cause you to be transferred to another division called the “Fit Division”. There you will attempt the swim test twice a day Mondays thru Fridays. You will have about 3 weeks to pass or you will be kicked out of boot camp.

Other things that will happen during Week 1 are:

  • Issue of Uniforms
  • Get your blood drawn if you have a special job (Nuke, Aircrew, EOD, Divers…etc). More tubes of blood, more tests.
  • DEP advancement test is taken today. If you are E-1 or E-2 and want to advance, you need to pass this test. The test is multiple choice and it tests naval history, Rank and Recognition, Chain-of-Command, 11 General orders, etc… STUDY!
  • You will go to Recruit Receipts. Here you will take care of the rest of your service record. You will do your DDS (Direct Deposit), SGLI (Life Insurance) and receive your military ID. (It will be a bad picture so be prepared.)
  • Get an eye exam and receive a pair of glasses if necessary.
  • Females will go to the wellness center for birth control.
  • Have a dental check up. (You will have your wisdom teeth removed later!)
  • Shots (about 4 of them) plus the Peanut Butter shot (the butt shot)

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  1. On January 1, 2018 a new rule was put into practice, the initial PFA must be passed or you will be asmo’d or sent to separations. Recruiters are now required to observe a recruit run the 1.5 mile run that must be done in 16.10 min for males and 18.7 for females.

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