4 Reasons Why Navy Boot Camp Is Easy

Fear of boot camp is the primary reason why a lot of people don’t join the military. However, Navy boot camp is far less challenging than before. Here are some of the reasons why:

You Can’t Get Touched

In the old days it was common for military instructors to abuse recruits by hitting, shoving, and spitting on them. This is probably one of the biggest fears of people considering to join the military.  Nowadays, it is illegal for instructors to even touch recruits. They can only get in your face and yell at you but they can’t put their hands on you. If you are assaulted then you can tell the appropriate authorities and file a report.

You Can’t Get Punished With Exercises All Day

You used to be able to do physical training anytime and for any length. Some former recruits even tell stories about get punished so long that the ground would be drenched with sweat. Today at Navy boot camp you can only be made to do a certain amount of exercises in a session. Also you can’t do any before a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) or right after eating a meal.

The Navy Instructors (RDCs) Can’t Say Certain Insults

Gone are the days where you or your family could be called any insulting name thought possible. Certain words that are seen as offensive (which is a lot of words) can’t be said at boot camp anymore. Another rule is that they can only use profanity towards the entire division but not towards a single individual. Basically they have to be very careful what they let out of their mouths now.

You Can Quit Whenever You Want

Recruiters commonly say that once you sign the contract you can’t get out the military until your enlistment is up. This is true after boot camp. While at boot camp you can easily say that you can’t take the pressure and that you might harm yourself unless you go home. This excuse is used often at boot camp even though most of the recruits saying these things aren’t really going to harm themselves. While it will take about a month or longer to get processed out, you will eventually get sent home.

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