How To NOT Get In Trouble At Navy Boot Camp

There are many ways you can get in trouble at boot camp and possibly get sent home. That’s why you should read these simple tips on how to keep your nose clean and graduate hassle-free.

1. Don’t Get Caught Talking In the Galley

The Galley is basically a cafeteria where you will eat three times a day. One thing the RDCs (military instructors) will chew you out on a lot is talking while you are there. Even if you are just asking someone to pass the salt you still will feel the wrath of your RDCs. Pro-Tip: Point at things if you need something and only talk when spoken to by an instructor. Plus you only have a small amount of time to eat anyway so chewing should be more important!

2. Don’t Walk Around After Taps

Taps is at the end of the day and is the only time your RDCs go home. You are supposed to go to sleep so don’t be like some recruits who will get out of their racks and walk around or horseplay with other recruits. You’re only allowed to get out of bed to use the bathroom. Plus there is someone called the Officer of the Deck (OOD) who roams the building during the night. He or she will report all activity of recruits during the night to your RDCs when they come in the morning.  Pro-Tip:If you really want to talk then just talk to your bunk-mate since they are close by.

3. Don’t Mess Up While Marching

One of the biggest things RDCs hate is you messing during marching in front of other RDCs and recruits. You will start practicing marching during Week One for future inspections. While everyone usually messes up at first after a few weeks if you still make a lot mistakes you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Pro-Tip: Don’t volunteer for leadership positions because you will be put in the front while marching and it will be easier to see if you make a mistake.

4. Don’t Mess Up During Inspections

Another thing RDC’s hate is you screwing up during an inspection. It impacts the overall score of the division which RDCs get judged on as well.  There will be various inspections throughout boot camp such as rack (bed) and uniform inspections. Make sure you pay attention during practice inspections and know what to do when the time comes for the real deal. Pro-Tip: Ask other recruits for help if you are having trouble learning how to do something for an inspection such as folding your socks or making your bed correctly.

5. Don’t Argue Or Talk Back

You will most likely at some point get angry or pissed off at your RDCs but never ever talk back! Even if you are getting yelled at for something you didn’t do, you will never win in an argument and the only thing you will accomplish is making your life harder. Also if they tell you to do something don’t ask why, just do it. Pro-Tip: Just say “Aye Aye” which means “I understand and will comply” in navy terms. Your life will be so much easier.

Following these tips will allow you to stay under the radar and breeze through boot camp without them even knowing your name! However, if your goal is to be the best recruit ever then check out this post on how to be a honor graduate!

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