How To Become A Honor Graduate At Navy Boot Camp

Towards the end of boot camp your RDCs (military instructors) will nominate a recruit in your division to be a honor graduate. Graduating as a honor graduate is the highest award and prestige you can receive. These recruits stand out from the rest due to their discipline, physical fitness, and motivation and will receive an extra ribbon and also have their names announced during the graduation ceremony. If you are interested in this achievement then here are the 4 best ways to become a honor graduate.

1. Volunteer For A Leadership Position

The Navy Boot Camp Recruit Leadership Positions post detailed all the duties and responsibilities recruits with these positions have. To get a position you can simply ask your RDCs for one that is open. Having one of these will show your RDCs you are a capable and motivated individual and will definitely improve your chances of getting nominated. Be sure that you do your job correctly and don’t misuse your power because you can get fired!

2. Receive High Scores On The Tests

In boot camp there will be 3 written tests each recruit will have to pass to graduate. Make sure you study your training guide (book with navy terms and info that you will be tested on) every chance you get to prepare yourself. Getting a high score on these tests will demonstrate your intelligence and contribute to receiving a flag for your division and praise from your RDCs.

3. Shoot Well At The Shooting Range

Another way to get recognized is to earn a top notch score during live fire. You will shoot a 9mm pistol and a 12 guage shotgun. from various positions and distances. The 3 rankings from worst to best are Marksmen, Sharpshooter, and Expert. A day before the actual shooting you will practice with laser beam guns to learn how to properly handle a gun. Warning: Learning how to shoot before boot camp has caused some people to perform worse.

4. Try Your Best During The Physical Fitness Assessments (PFAs)

The final factor in getting nominated is how well you perform during your PFA. The PFA consists of a 2 minute sit-up portion, 2 minute push-up portion, and a timed 1.5 mile run. The possible scores from worst to best are: Satisfactory, Good, Excellent, and Outstanding. Make sure you exercise at least a couple months before boot camp so when you arrive when your are in top shape and you receive the best possible score.

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