How Much Do You Get Paid At Navy Boot Camp? (2018 Version)

Money is probably the the #1 motivating factor for joining the military. Luckily in boot camp, you will be paid every 1st and 15th of the month. The amount of pay you’ll earn at Navy boot camp for the 8 weeks you’re there depends on your rank when you join (most people join as an E-1). Note: Even if you get kicked out of boot camp, you will still get to keep the money you earned while you were there.

For E-1s:

  • $757.35 every two weeks
  • $1,514.70 per month
  • $3,029.40 total

For E-2s:

  • $918.15 every two weeks
  • $1,836.30 per month
  • $3,672.60 total

For E-3s:

  • $965.55 every two weeks
  • $1,931.10 per month
  • $3,862.20 total

Although most people join as E-1s, you can go in as a higher rank if you have one of these four things:

  1. College credits: 24 semester hours for E-2 and 48 semester hours for E-3
  2. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) experience from high school: 2 years for E-2 and 3 years for E-3
  3. Eagle Scout or Gold Scout Girl Award for E-3
  4. Referrals: 2 individuals for E-2 and 4 individuals for E-3

Also, if you speak another language you can earn more money per month! The monthly rate is up to $500 per month for a single foreign language, or $1,000 per month for two or more foreign languages. Many people use Rocket Languages which is a recommended website to learn any language quickly before boot camp. You can either pay $15 per month for six months or a one time fee of $69.95.

Once you join the Navy all you have to do is take a test on whichever language you choose. Depending on your score you can easily earn an extra $500 per month.  Use Rocket Languages before you leave for boot camp and earn an extra $500 to $1000 every month!

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  1. The language part isn’t exactly accurate, mostly because it’s vague. You can get paid $1000 max for any amount of languages, but they’re changing it to being paid for the language only if it is specific to your mission. Language pay depends on your scores for the DLTP and by Category. For example, a 2/2 in Spanish will get $150, a 2/2+ goes up $25, etc. You can get up to $500 in that one language if you really excel at the test, take the advanced test and kill it, and OPI in your language with a high verbal score.

    -A CTI

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