How To Get Kicked Out Of Navy Boot Camp

Recruits leave Navy boot camp for various reasons other than graduation. It’s primarily because they do one of the following things:

Fail The Swim Test

The swim is broken down into four portions: A  jump off a 12-foot tower into deep water, a 50 yard swim after you resurface using certain swim strokes, a 5 minute prone float, and a 5 second coverall (basically a jumpsuit) inflation float. If you can’t swim or do not pass all portions then you will be taught multiple times a week by swim instructors until you pass. However, if you don’t pass before Week 6 of boot camp you will be sent to the “FIT” division. FIT is a division that functions just like a regular division except your only focus will be pass the swim test and you will literally perform it twice a day to give you extra chances to pass. You only have about a month in this division to try to pass or you will be sent to the separations division where you will be processed out of the military.

Fail The Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

The PFA consists of a timed push-up and sit-up session immediately followed by a 1.5 mile run. You will be given three of these throughout boot camp. The final one is what counts, however. If you happen to fail that one then you will also be sent to the FIT division where you will perform the PFA three times a week until you pass. Failure to pass within a certain number of weeks will get you sent to the separations division and processed out just like the swim test.

Get Injured

Having a serious injury in boot camp such as a broken bone will get you sent to a rehab division where you won’t do anything but rest all day until you recover. If your injury is determined to be bad enough then you’ll just get medically discharged from boot camp and sent home.

Get In Trouble

Getting in trouble is the worst way to get kicked out of boot camp. Some of the common things recruits get in trouble for are: talking back, refusing to follow orders, fighting, sleeping during the day, and having sex with other recruits (Yes it happens and usually in the laundry room). Doing any of these things will not only get you kicked out but it will also be on your record and prevent you from ever coming back!


Contrary to popular belief, you can quit Navy boot camp if you really want to. While you can’t just simply say “I Quit” you can say that you can’t handle the stress of boot camp and you might hurt yourself if you stay any longer. Since the military takes self-harm very seriously (even if you don’t really plan on harming yourself) you will be processed out. The only downside is you will be documented as a mentally unstable person which could negatively affect your life after boot camp. And of course you won’t be able to come back since you are “crazy.”

Note: If you are kicked out for the swim, PFA or an injury you can come back after 6 months!

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