Navy Boot Camp Schedule

Navy Boot Camp: Week 0

Navy boot camp is the ultimate obstacle that you have to overcome in order to become a full-fledged U.S. Navy sailor. This series of posts will provide you with answers …

Navy Boot Camp: Week 1

Navy Boot Camp: Week 2

Navy Boot Camp: Week 3

Navy Boot Camp: Week 4


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How Much Do You Get Paid At Navy Boot Camp? (2018 Version)

Money is probably the the #1 motivating factor for joining the military. Luckily in boot camp, you will be paid every 1st and 15th of the month. The amount of …

Navy Boot Camp Graduation

What To Bring To Navy Boot Camp (2018 Version)

How To NOT Get In Trouble At Navy Boot Camp


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How To Get Kicked Out Of Navy Boot Camp

Recruits leave Navy boot camp for various reasons other than graduation. It’s primarily because they do one of the following things: Fail The Swim Test The swim is broken down …

How To Become A Honor Graduate At Navy Boot Camp

4 Reasons Why Navy Boot Camp Is Easy

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Leadership Positions

Inside U.S. Navy Boot Camp Preview